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The Founder


My name is Stacy and I am a follower of Christ, wife, mom, and entrepreneur (amongst other things). I’ve been into fashion since I was a little girl, but the spark definitely started while living with my Dominican grandmother Mami Daysi - who’s hobby was to sow clothing for family members.


Watching her create pieces out of fabrics she thrifted taught me to appreciate clothing in a different way. She taught me how much meaning could go into clothes - that clothing was so much more than something you throw on to get getting ready out of the way.


Paraíso is a God-given business, and I’m passionate about putting meaning & thought into clothing pieces that spread the gospel. Because what’s more meaningful than honoring The One who gives our lives meaning?


I started Paraíso selling tennis skirts on Etsy while working at the mall, as a quick way to get money, but God had bigger plans. Paraíso was launched September 2020, and I’ve seen the hand God in it, through my business’ ups & downs. My prayer is that this business continuously pleases & honors Him, while making people feel (& look) good in clothing they’ll be excited to wear everyday.

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